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DBR is the name of a TOC-based operations management method.

The terms Drum, Buffer and Rope are names given to mechanisms used to schedule work making best use of the bottleneck resource.

The “Drum” refers to the constraint or bottleneck. It is called a “drum” as it beats the rhythm of the entire throughput channel – the channel can produce no faster than the pace of the Drum
If the Drum is to operate at its maximum, it must never be allowed to stop due to a lack of inputs – it can never be starved. To ensure this never occurs, an inventory of work in process is created immediately in front of the Drum. This inventory, specifically for the Drum, is known as the “Buffer” or Drum Buffer
The size of the Drum Buffer must be managed – it cannot be too small, but at the same time, it would be wasteful for it to be excessive. Once the optimal size of the buffer has been determined, a mechanism is put in place that releases the raw materials into the system at the appropriate time, so that the Drum Buffer is maintained at its pre-determined size and the flow of work through the system is running at the same pace as the Drum. This release mechanism is known as the “Rope”
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